Dear brothers,ย Finally Kawasaki Motor Indonesia confirmed that tmcblog could come and take pictures at media test ride event for the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250. Initially Tmcblog thought it was only for picture session, gladly there was more.. In injury time, 30 minutes before Tmcblog leaving home, KMI told to allow Tmcblog test ride the new Thai made CBU bike, priced IDR 49.9 millions OTR Jakarta in Sentul international circuit.. In no time Tmcblog prepared AHRS wearpack, Spidi back protector, Nolan helmet, tele focused camera, 7Gears boots and glove. . all packed into Spidi riders bag, and put them into the maroon Verna 2001 baggage. A brief doubt came to mind.. “ Would I fit enough to ride all out in circuit in hot dry day while on fasting? ” (tmcblog is muslim) Bismillah, Man Jadda wa jada

The travel to Sentul Circuit took tmcblog for 15 minutes from TMCBlog NewsRoom. At arrival in the parking lot the test ride had been began.. ” okay, I was late ” .. fortunately it was for dealer representatives under KMI, while journalists and media would be done in main circuit. This is it.. but.. session was only to be started in the middle of hot day.. sigh..
Time to enter the circuit had arrived, TMCBlog entrusted the camera to a journalist colleague from Otomotif, Alhamdulillah bro.. thanks for Otomotif. Wearing the gears, tmcblog mistakenly thought they are might be too tight,.. hmm.. might because of the fasting hehehe.. Okay, tmcblog took the green Ninja 250. Bro A’an from Otomotif entered the circuit first… After checking all the riding gears, plugging the key, turning it right.. all indicators in the dashboard was on, and a ‘ngeeng’ sound of fuel injection pump greeted.

Okay.. learning the dashboard for a minute, there was speedometer, trip meter, fuel meter, other indicators, and… hmmm ECO riding symbol.. just like ER6N.. front beam was automatically on, because this bike has adopted Automatic Headlight On (mandatory feature by law in Indo), so there was no beam button on the right handle. Push the start button.. and here it came the unique exhaust tone of the 2 cylinders bike.. . The tone was not far off of the previous gen..

Entering the circuit… push the transmission pedal into first gear.. a bit rough as the bike uses asyncronous transmission.. tmcblog used the first lap to adapt to riding position and also the new re-asphalted circuit.. and there were a bit bumpy area on R3 and R4 that should be watched..

The riding position or ergonomics of the new ninjette is not vastly different from the previous one, mainly because there is no significant change to handlebar and footpegs. Take a look at above picture, there is noticeable longer wheelbase of 1 cm.. (10 mm, 0.4″).. How about legs? well, tmcblog had to tiptoe (for guys shorter than 170 cm, 6.7″).. The new impression came from revised fuel tank design that was look bigger that ease body to tuck and leaning onto it during straight run.. The standard windshield was doing a well job protecting from wind.. though the wind bubble was felt a bit lower.. may be because of the bigger tank.. CMIIW

The second lap was used to get a feel the nimbleness of the handling and the cornering in small S curve and the big one.. Wow, this ninjette is light.. the bike follows whenever Tmcblog changes direction to. And because of greater confidence, tmcblog admit could be faster in these 2 apexes compared to using bigger bikes.. the way it corners might suit tmcblog’s body weight..

The third lap was used to try the acceleration.. and Kawasaki revised cylinders, pistons, intake manifold with dual butterfly valves were doing nice job.. The bike is very linear.. acceleration is mean (for 250) but smooth/linear.. So for new learner bikes upgrading from 150 cc or scooter users won’t be intimidated with the acceleration.. just don’t too harsh with the throttle twist.. Overall if it was asked how mean is the acceleration compared to carbed one, the carb one might give rusher response, but in high RPM this FI Ninja wins hands down. For common riders sure will love the linear responded engine compared to impulsive one.

First 3 laps try to get the topspeed of each gear on straight.. From the south end to the north end.. The speed started from about 20 km/h at first gear.. WOT until redline and got:

1st gear up to 45 km/h
2nd gear up to 75 km/h
3rd gear up to 90 km/h
4rd gear up to 120 km/h
5th gear up to 150 km/h

*all speed and RPM on speedometer indicated

6th gear was not reached yet due to straight track has ended and I must slow down to enter corner R1.. Why still 200 m left and already braking? The brakes are still standard broo.. and the brake pads were still breaking in.. it hadn’t perform maximally.. if I forcefully WOT I may enter gravel instead.. Entering the pit, I asked to bro A’an how to reach top speed with the limited straight, he explained during rolling speed in the last corner, try to achieve exit velocity at least 100 km/h, keep the RPM at 7000 – 8500 RPM where the power is kicking.. .So I need to drag my knees then? Ok, second try.. reenter the circuit and in the 4th lap on sixth gear tmcblog recorded 156 km/h. But still losing to bro A’an who was able to achieve 161 km/h.. How much is the actual top speed? I dont know.. needs longer straight for sure..

In the final laps I felt exhausted, several time taking wrong corner lines in the small S curve.. waah.. the body has to give up ..was afraid to over dehydrate.. so just stop and enter the pit.. finishing about 8 laps in total.
It’s satisfying experience to ride the little ninja to its upper limit in each gear.. unwear the gears.. and there was still time to join day prayer in Sentul great mosque although a bit late.. Okay that’s all, enjoy.. may it be useful.

taufik of BuitenZorg

new 2013 Ninja 250 specification

Engine type : 4 stroke, liquid cooled, parallel twin
Cylinder size : 249 cm3
Bore x Stroke : 62.0 x 41.2 mm
Compression ratio : 11.3 : 1
Max power : 23.5 kW (32 PS) / 11.000 rpm
Max torque : 21.0 Nm {2.1 kgf m} /10.000 rpm
Starter system : Electric Starter
Valve sytem : DOHC, 8 valves
Ignition : Digital
Fuel system : Fuel Injection System ( 28 mm x 2 ) with dual butterfly valve
Transmission : 6-speed, return shift
Frame: tube diamond, steel
Front suspension: 37 mm telescopic fork
Rear suspension: Uni-Trak with 5 preload
Front tyre: 110/70-17 M/C (54S)
Rear tyre: 140/70-17 M/C (66S)
Front brake: Single disc 290 mm diameter with dual-piston caliper
Rear brake: Single disc 220 mm diameter with dual-piston caliper
Length x width x height : 2.010 x 715 x 1.110 mm
Wheel axis length : 1.400 mm
Ground clearance : 785 mm
Fuel capacity : 17 litres
Max weight : 172 kg / 174 kg ( ABS model)

Translate to English by Firman SilentIm, Original Text Publish at Ninjette Forum


    • wat is dis….kang ๐Ÿ™

      aeh aeh sayah teu tiasa macana euuuy….


    • nambihan skedik kang…..

      KAWASAKI’S new Ninja 250R has broken cover via its own Japanese-language micro-site and despite still tracing its heritage to the mid-80s 250R it really has been seriously updated this time around. The parallel twin engine gets new cylinders, crank cases and pistons, along with dual throttle valves for the revamped fuel injection system. It’s bolted to a redesigned frame, still made of steel tubes but developed to reduce vibrations. New suspension and wheels at both ends, along with new brakes – including an ABS option โ€“ mean there’s really very little left that’s been transferred from the existing version.

    • I was guess it. Why Mr. Taufik have long time to launch this article. Thats rights. It must made! Because million bikers in the word will be accessing this review ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. when first time i see the new ninja 250r fi its look like be phenomenom bike for the next 5 year but its depend on honda cbr refresment due of fight at 250 cc class… good job kawasaki

    • cicilan= sisa angsuran + (sisa angsuran x bunga x jangka waktu)
      jangka waktu

      kalo bunga motor seh rata 1,5 % up…

    • kalo harga 49 juta
      DP = 20 juta
      jangka waktu 2 tahun / 24 bulan
      di itung2 cicilannya kena 1,643 juta

      (asli aku bukan sales hehehe…ntar ada yg sewot nuduh sales…ini pengalaman ane beli KRR kredit dit dit)

    • harga 49 juta
      dp 20 juta
      jangka waktu 24 bulan
      setelah tak itung kena cicilan = 1,643 juta

      (buat yg lain sori gua bukan sales, pengalaman beli rumah n KRR aja..semua kredit dit dit hehe)

  2. Very cool, really a surprise, without spy shoot and rocked the Duaarrrrr … the fansboy is over Tralis and Vixion …
    Congratulations TMCBlog has been recognized in the world …

  3. it seem translating by google translate and still raw in few sentence…hehehehe…good job have worldwide blog now.and thousand reader..cmiiw

  4. good job kang taufik (btw “kang” itu bahasa inggris nya apa yah? bro kali yah”) hehehehe…

    I think it helps you distinguish between Indonesia and English blog to facilitate the reader, but a good job. maybe one day could be a reference to people from outside Indonesia to find out the market from Indonesia and it is possible to invest here.

  5. โ€œ Would I fit enough to ride all out in circuit in hot dry day while on fasting? โ€ (tmcblog is muslim) Bismillah, Man Jadda wa jada
    subhanallah….dakwah over blogging

    nice bro ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. klo diliat dari fotonya lebih mendem karena seatnya lebih nungging om topiq CMIIIW ๐Ÿ˜‰
    kacian si junior klo turing :mrgreen:

  7. Nice improvement kang haji, go international is the good thing as a independent blogger. Keep writing english version and good luck!

  8. well, this is great. tmcblog goes international.
    i’m looking forward to read another english version articles from tmcblog!

  9. So the riding position in this new 250 bike does not change from the old one…eh, Kang Taufik?
    I guess kawasaki don’t want to leave the “racing style” DNA from the the bike ๐Ÿ™‚

    • people think that larger size of tyre made riding position change too…but they don’t count by it wide of wheel…
      very logic wider Wheel suit on larger profile of tyre…

  10. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Dear bro Taufik …. will you please improve your english …
    Reading your post here, even at your first line:
    ” … finally tmcblog received promise from …”,
    I can’t help myself but smiling and laughing a little bit. If you want to translate: ” … akhirnya tmcblog mendapat kepastian dari Kawasaki Motor Indonesia APM Motor Kawasaki di Indonesia … “,

    it should be:

    “Finally Kawasaki Motor Indonesia confirmed that …”.

    You can’t just translate every word or line literally into english pal. It’ll sound silly …. :mrgreen: I don’t even bother to read the rest of it.

    I made this comment because I simply care about this blog and I believe this blog will go international (amen), and if that happens (if it’s not already happened), I hope that it’ll reflect our nation as a whole that we are capable, including in english!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Please don’t be offended and treat this as a constructive critics ..


    • not at all bro, i really accept even if you want to correct the whole content of this article, many thanks bro ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Ane bersedia sepenuh hati bantu translate kang ๐Ÿ™‚ gini2 kerja jg sll komunikasi sm org ausie ๐Ÿ™‚ yah bantu2 biar lbh mantep aja ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I translated to just because no one started yet, while I knew the whole world bikers community courious about this unusual marketing by kawasaki..
      I did it during waiting breaking my fasting.. and I try to keep the writing style to be Indonesian.. To keep in the spirit with the original as much as possible.. Thus broken english.. Still I read my translation over and over and fixing te grammar.. You can see in posting (silentIm) for corrected one..
      Thank you for grammar fix.. And I am looking forward for more correction..

    • Kita dukung terus TMCBLOG go to international. Koreksi yang baik bro. Ayo Mr. Taufik ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Koreksinya baik, tapi caranya kurang etis. Lebih baik dikirim japri via email, dan tidak disampaikan kpd umum dalam bahasa Inggris (secara tidak langsung sama saja menunjukkan pada dunia bahwa penulis Indonesia blm layak “bergaul” pada dunia). CMIIW.

      Btw, selamat Mas Taufik, blog-nya jadi referensi pertama bagi pecinta motor sport dunia. Hikmah lain dari shocking launch All New Ninja250, Indonesia-nya terangkat.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. bakalan habis berapa duit nih tuk oprek nih motor biar tembus 190kpj ? wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk bakalan habis diasepin cbr250 di omr250 wkwkwkwkwkwkwkw

  12. Nice effort for you to released the english version on this post.. and I hope it will be the world first ride article on this 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250 Fi.. Congrats kang taufik (tmcblog)!!!
    About the report and its contents, I think it is quite informative and comprehensive to be a worlwide article.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Kang taufik, coba satuan kecepatan jgn cuma dicantumkan dalam km/h cantumkan juga konversinya dalam mph, disinyalir biar para bule lebih familiar ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. if comment use language english please, shy-shy in only you people with!!!

    (kalo komen pake bahasa inggris juga dong, malu-maluin aje loe orang pade!!!)

  15. Ini baru major change,ga kayak pabrikan yamaha..motor kwek-kwek berubah dikit doank ngaku2 perubahan besar,gembar-gembor kesana kemari di media internet..kesannya norak,laku kagak motornya ckckckck..

  16. What’s up world…
    Seem’s TMC blog breakin up the border…
    Go TMC Go…

    N250 really a nice bike but still beyond my reach…

  17. kalau begini aman wak haji.gak ada perang fbh n fby.nanti postingan selanjutnya pake bahasa inggris aja.biar adem.:-)

  18. why u felt exhausted om haji?does u feel happy with testing with this bikes?may ya’ll nod to understand what mr.haji said!lmfao

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