Dear Readers, Valentino Rossi has said in the official press conference that he will do what he can to help his team-mate in Yamaha factory racing, Jorge Lorenzo to reach 2013 World Champions title. Lorenzo came to Valencia with 13 points behind the phenomenal rookie this year, Marc Marquez from Repsol Honda. Rossi’s statement surely can increase Lorenzo’s confidence on Sunday’s race. For Rossi, no matter what the results of GP Valencia 2013, is almost certain to finish the 2013 season in the 4th  place behind Dani Pedrosa (Marquez’s teammate). Also for Pedrosa, there’s nothing to lose in this race.  So, should Pedrosa give the same support to Marquez by helping his teammate secure the world title?


If we think logically, Pedrosa should help Marquez because Marquez is the only rider from Repsol Honda team who has the opportunity to clinch the world champions again after Stoner. But Pedrosa said in press conference, “Well HRC has no team orders, as everybody knows. I think Marquez has 13 points, is on the podium in every race, so he is anyway capable to do it.”

Although Pedrosa has said there’s no team order in Repsol Honda, but Pedrosa still can help Marquez by winning the race.
Pedrosa added, “I will try to do my best in the race, and winning the race is the best way to help the team.” If Lorenzo win the race on Sunday, Marquez needs to finish at least in 4th place to get the title. But, if Pedrosa win the race and Lorenzo finish in 2nd place, Marquez only needs to finish in the top eight to be the champion.

*Points guide:
1st 25 points,     2nd 20 points,      3rd 16 points,     4th 13 points,    5th 11 points,    6th 10 points,    7th 9 points,    8th 8 points,    9th 7 points    10th 6 points,    11th 5 points,    12th 4 points,    13th 3 points,    14th 2 points and   15th 1 point

Pedrosa will have a crucial part to help Marquez. Why? Because from the statistic, Dani Pedrosa is the most successful rider at the Valencia circuit with six wins; three in MotoGP, two in 250cc, and one in the 125cc class. No other rider has had more than three GP wins at the Valencia circuit.

By statistic, Pedrosa has a better chance to win again in Sunday’s race. motoupdate sure Pedrosa’s name will be remembered well by Marquez if he could help him to win the championship. Pedrosa needs to forget Aragon’s case which made his own title chance ended because we’re still not sure Marquez disabled Pedrosa’s traction control on purpose. That’s motoupdate opinion, how about yours? Please share and leave your comments below. Hope it useful.



  1. Since nothing more to lose, Pedrosa certainly helps out Marquez by :
    – Winning the first podium. Then 8th position is enough for Marquez
    – Let himself behind Marquez if Lorenzo catch the first podium

  2. Yea, i agree with his statement that he should win the race if wants to help Marc to clinch the tittle. Go ahead Pedro.. as i never have a doubt with your skill 🙂

  3. jleb on November 8, 2013 at 10:48 am

    when i type, why always redirected to
    Yep, i’m facing it too. Maybe it caused by internet cache that makes tmcblog always redirecting to motoupdate..? But if it corrects, i’m too lazy to clean the cache and then should start typing again 🙁

  4. For the team, he probably should help Marquez but I personally don’t think he will. Pedrosa will be too frustrated to see another rider come in and win the title on the same bike as him. Great blog, followed you. Feel free to check my blog out and follow back 🙂



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