Dear readers, EICMA is chosen by Piaggio to globally launch their The All New 2014 Vespa Primavera. Not only one, but surprisingly, there are four engine types made available to choose from including 2-stroke 50 cc, 4-stroke 50cc, 4-stroke 125 cc, and 4-stroke 150cc 4 tak. Out of those engine types available, Piaggio Indonesia has registered only one type so far, as you may have expected, with 4-stroke 150 cc Primavera. For your information, Piaggio firstly launched Vespa Primavera somewhere around 45 years ago, in 1968 for sure. You have read in previous post detailing the dimension difference among Vespa Primavera, LX/S/LVX and 946 (apology to GTS series, not being included)  . . . as your curiosity may have become bigger about Primavera, I would like to get it less intense by offering the physical apperance, while awaiting its detailed specs . . .so let’s have a get going . . .

That’s right, Primavera has a significantly distinct appearance from LX series (LX,LT,S and LVX), it’s longer,


TMCBlog | motoupdate feels something different when looking at it carefully, somehow TMCBlog feels a soul of Vespa 946 design has been borrowed on all new Vespa Primavera front shield


Classic headlamp it has, made rounded


Details of Turn light equipped with an array composed vertically LED forming DRL


Primavera features Analog Speedometer with a pointer in combination with digital fuelmeter bar, digital odometer, and digital tripmeter. However, display version brought to EICMA still has light switch for turning on/off, instead of switchless AHO


Let’s bring you at the back of Primavera where a beautifully designed stoplamp lies, very different from that of LX and S variants, have a deeper look at the stoplamp, LED light welcomes you in the center  . . .


Compartment behind the front shield has been so typical with Vespa, since the first time, Vespa has always put an compartment behind the front shield. It looks that for unlocking the compartment, a set of keys is not required, yet simply press a button with ‘padlock’ symbol on it, cmiiw


Underseat compartment? Unsurprisingly quite large, and you can expect to put in one helm – unsure of fullface or halfface. As you may have wondered where the fuel tank is, it is now repositioned in the rear, almost ‘touching’ the rear grip. It presumably uses polymer material, instead of metal ones


Talking of its feet, Michellin City Grip with size of 110/70/11 wrapped around front wheel. Vespa tries to maintain its typicality as much as it can, including the suspension system


CVT housing shares identical appearance with presently 3-valve Vespa, because the Primavera does use the same engine and CVT housing (last generation). From the picture it seems that Piaggio will release 2014 Vespa Primavera with a set of colors to choose from including Vespa-much-bond Blue, metallic borwn, white and red . . . hmmm while trying to patiently expect Primavera’s official specs, enjoy those picture wrapped in a mega gallery . . . have a nice reading

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  1. Vespa memang mantap, jadi kepincut juga lihat gambar Vespa yang berkualitas, merk motor desainnya ciri hkas vespa tiada duanya.

    Bung Taufik gimana Blognya di HP saya TMCBLOG berbahasa Indinesia, Motoupdate berbahasa Inggris,memang jadi Dua Blog ?



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