As you may have known in previous days, Vespa’s Primavera has been officially launched in Vietnam for the domestic market, adding great effort to raise the company’s existence in the country. However, Auto Pro has revealed another interesting fact that some of its parts have two set of light on which LED makes the difference. First set is equipped with the LED on the stoplamp and the other one equipped only with incandescent light bulb. You can view the light sets in detail through pictures and gallery listed below  .. .  check them out


Visibly seen, behind the red mica plastic is the stoplamp equipped with around 8 LEDs. The other one, though exactly sharing the appearance with the previous one, display a bit difference with the bulb being centered and no LEDs on it.

Both pictures can tell us two of them share common dimension to one another in spite of rear view. There is only one bulb added to LED-equipped stoplamp while three bulbs are put on LEDless version of the stoplamp. An analysis can be drawn from both pictures that the LEDs function only as night light, with the bulb remaining serving as stoplamp. Meanwhile, for the typical stoplamp with no LEDs added, the night light is served by two smaller bulbs while the stoplamp being served by bigger, main bulb . . .

Although clearly visible to possibly disclose the secret of two versions being rumored, they also pose confusion as little to know with regard to for what purpose they are manufactured and assembled. A Logical question arising concerns whether they are of aftermarket products, or more suspiciously, is Piaggio on the plan to launch a more economical version Vespa’s primavera for asian market? In the other word, is European Vespa’s Primavera to be distinguised from its Asian counterpart? Or will piaggio make more affordable version of Primavera available just like they have done with their LT and LX series?  . . .

Your frowning due to those assumptions should be reduced when you review the gallery below :

What are they? If you carefully pay close attention to those pictures, you should find a distinguished apperance compared to any other pictures of Primavera. . . . it has black floor despite Vespa is provided with various colors, for example red or blue . . . and if we look at the front-facing picture the winker is not equipped with LEDs . . . so hypothesis drawn from those pictures is . . . Parts leaked by Autopro on above pictures belong to entry level version of Vespa’s Primavera . . . hmmm it seems that Primavera will be available in two versions just like its current popular lineup, LX and LT series with LT series the more economical, entry level version of Vespa LX) . . . and have a nice reading




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