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Vespa Primavera 125 is priced at 68,8 millions dongs in Vietnam . . . Vespa LX is about to find its intentional discontinued operation? November 19, 2013

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Dear readers, auto pro has revealed news that Vespa’s Vietnamese subsidiary has officially launched Vespa’s Primavera 125 cc with surprising pricing of 68,8 millions dongs, being converted to Rupiah to gain jaw-dropping price tag of 37,3 millions (converted at http://www.xe.com) . . . more surprisingly, Vespa’s Primavera is positioned in the replacement of  Vespa LX . . . Piaggio Vietnam has provided information accessed through autopro that Primavera serves as the successor of Vespa LX with the latter one, Vespa LX, immediately finding its intentional discontinued operation soon after the former one, Vespa’s Primavera rolled out from production plant !! . . . oh gosh

When Piaggio Indonesia is regularly supplied by Vespa Vietnam mostly, it is expected that Piaggio Indonesia hipothetically will be deriving no more Vespa LX when its counterpart production in Vietnam is terminated. We can say in the other word that Piaggio Indonesia will impose similar policy to discontinue the LX series and seek another option to replace


It’s still unclear, though that if LX series is halted, other vespa’s variants sharing the LX’s chassis including  vespa S and Vespa LT as well as Vespa LXV will have their own halts. However, according to subjective opinion TMCBlog has, Vespa’s Primavera should not be serving as the successor of Vespa LX . . . If Primavera, though remains positioned to replace LX series, its pricing should be coming in proximity to LX’s pricing, leading to the price tag will not go far away from the current one because both sit on similar market . . . However, looking back to Primavera’s pricing above, frowning may be formed because it provides a large valley with LX series pricing sold in Indonesia (around 26 millions Rupiahs OTR) . . .


However, vent your worries out because Vespa Vietnam usually prices their products in general more expensive compared to their Indonesian counterpart.. you can tell that LT series sold in the mekong-streamed country LT is priced at 63,9 millions dongs, then LX at 65-67 millions dongs  . . . . So it means that if Primavera will be landing on Indonesian soil it could be priced at which not far away from LX series current pricing for sure :D . . . alright then at the moment. Going forward, let’s wait and see Vehicle Selling Nominal set out for Vespa’s Primavera to be sold in Indonesia . . . at the moment, chew it mentally as always and have a nice reading

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1. orong-orong - November 19, 2013
2. Radit - November 19, 2013

Maybe real Vespa fans is no sensitive about price. :) but still nice if the price not far from current LX series. :))

3. mau2tak - November 26, 2013

i want the dua tak version of this vespa, because dua tak sound is sexy. trennnggg tenggg tenggg like that, i like it so much

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