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Vespa Primavera 125 is priced at 68,8 millions dongs in Vietnam . . . Vespa LX is about to find its intentional discontinued operation? November 19, 2013

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Dear readers, auto pro has revealed news that Vespa’s Vietnamese subsidiary has officially launched Vespa’s Primavera 125 cc with surprising pricing of 68,8 millions dongs, being converted to Rupiah to gain jaw-dropping price tag of 37,3 millions (converted at http://www.xe.com) . . . more surprisingly, Vespa’s Primavera is positioned in the replacement of  Vespa LX . . . Piaggio Vietnam has provided information accessed through autopro that Primavera serves as the successor of Vespa LX with the latter one, Vespa LX, immediately finding its intentional discontinued operation soon after the former one, Vespa’s Primavera rolled out from production plant !! . . . oh gosh (more…)

Parts of light set belonging to Vietnam-version Vespa’s primavera found without LED on it . . . Two offers available? November 18, 2013

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As you may have known in previous days, Vespa’s Primavera has been officially launched in Vietnam for the domestic market, adding great effort to raise the company’s existence in the country. However, Auto Pro has revealed another interesting fact that some of its parts have two set of light on which LED makes the difference. First set is equipped with the LED on the stoplamp and the other one equipped only with incandescent light bulb. You can view the light sets in detail through pictures and gallery listed below  .. .  check them out (more…)

2014 Vespa Primavera on Mega Gallery November 10, 2013

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Dear readers, EICMA is chosen by Piaggio to globally launch their The All New 2014 Vespa Primavera. Not only one, but surprisingly, there are four engine types made available to choose from including 2-stroke 50 cc, 4-stroke 50cc, 4-stroke 125 cc, and 4-stroke 150cc 4 tak. Out of those engine types available, Piaggio Indonesia has registered only one type so far, as you may have expected, with 4-stroke 150 cc Primavera. For your information, Piaggio firstly launched Vespa Primavera somewhere around 45 years ago, in 1968 for sure. You have read in previous post detailing the dimension difference among Vespa Primavera, LX/S/LVX and 946 (apology to GTS series, not being included)  . . . as your curiosity may have become bigger about Primavera, I would like to get it less intense by offering the physical apperance, while awaiting its detailed specs . . .so let’s have a get going . . . (more…)

Hot News dari TPT, Bersiaplah Vespa Primavera Reborn . . . Nih Bentuknya October 25, 2013

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Bro sekalian, Via telisik TPT akhirnya ketahuan bahwa selain TPT lanjutan Vespa LT 125, Piaggio Indonesia berniat akan merilis pula sebuah Motor baru . . . Namanya di Situs TPT adalah PIAGGIO (VESPA) VESPA Primapera 150 3V ie A/T . ..  bedeh, itu primapera atau primavera ya? . . . atau jangan jangan yang nge-daptarin orang sunda :mrgreen: tapi kalo bener maksute Primavera sih jadi merinding, nama besar Primavera nya mas broooo . . . Para pemilik Vespa lama pasti nggak asing lagi sama kata primavera   . . . disinyalir Primavera Reborn  . . . kayak apa bentuknya vespa yang rumornya juga akan dihadirkan piaggio pada gelaran EICMA november 2013 ini ?  seperti sepotoong gambar diatas mas bro . . .pengen tau bentuk full nya? . . . begini bentuknya . . . eng ing eng (more…)

Spyshot New Vespa GTS atau New vespa LX ? September 5, 2013

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Bro sekalian akhir Agustus lalu, Blog terkenal asal Italia, Motoblog.it mengumbar beberapa foto jalanan yang berupa dua sosok penampakan motor mirip vespa LX/LXV/GTS series yang jati dirinya ditutupi kamuflase. (more…)

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