Protein - which one is better to buy so as not to lose? If you have only recently started to exercise intensively, and decided to achieve results faster, then you will certainly face the task of choosing a good and high-quality sports nutrition. In modern times, there are many domestic and foreign companies engaged in the production of sports equipment. How do I choose the right product, where can I buy protein, how much does a quality product cost? In order to help you a little in choosing, we decided to devote an entire article to this topic. So, we offer you an overview of the most popular manufacturers of sports equipment.Protein Matrix - description, main advantages, tips for use.Matrix has spent several years trying to solve the problems characteristic of low-quality proteins. As a result, the Matrix 5.0 product appeared, which is completely removed from low-quality protein products, such as, for example, denatured calcium and sodium caseinates. The company's specialists strive to be the best, and therefore they use only high-quality protein sources, such as ultrafiltered whey protein, natural egg albumin, milk protein, as well as glutamine peptides. Although the costs in this case are somewhat higher, however, they fully pay off. Matrix 5.0 protein has a wonderful taste, it has an excellent effect on overall health, and also contributes to the creation of muscle tissue. In addition, the company produces protein of various flavors, which makes it even better. Plus, the product is perfectly soluble in water and other beverages, that is, you do not need any additional devices like a blender, but only a spoon.What advantages does Brutal sports nutrition have?One 30-gram serving of protein from Brutal contains almost 22 grams of protein (isolate, concentrate and a little bit of peptides), less than 1 gram of sugar, 4.9 grams of carbohydrates, as well as 3.9 grams of healthy fats. This product has an excellent taste, in particular the variants "strawberry", "chocolate" and "pistachio". In addition, the protein foams perfectly, even when mixed with water, which creates the effect of a milkshake. The product does not have a "chemical" taste, which is very rare today. After all, many manufacturers of sports drinks often add artificial sweeteners to proteins in order to reduce the amount of harmful carbohydrates, which spoil the taste.Why should you pay attention to Pureprotein protein?Protein from the Russian company Pureprotein is made from 90% whey protein concentrate, in addition, it contains fiber and wheat germ. In total, one serving of the product contains 24.0 grams of protein, which is 21.5 percent of the recommended daily intake for an athlete.One of the main components of Pureprotein protein is fiber (5 percent of it in the product). It is a food, insoluble fiber, which generally improves the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. Fiber fibers perfectly absorb water, due to which such effects are provided:• intestinal motility is stimulated;• reduces the risk of constipation;• the risk of rectal and colon cancer is reduced;• stones do not appear in the gallbladder;• intense weight loss is observed.Wheat germ is also present in the protein, which satisfies various needs of the body. They contain a large amount of valuable substances. The key components of embryos are plant fibers, protein, vitamins, polysaccharides, minerals and trace elements. Употребление каннабиса то пропагандировалось, то демонизировалось, образуя изменчивые, случайные и оспариваемые острова морали, расположенные между конкурирующими дискурсами легитимности купить семена марихуаны и нелегитимности (Thompson, Pearce, and Barnett 2007; Wilton and Moreno 2012).