At the entrance to the concert hall, "Show of the best talents" was written in huge letters on the sign. All the young and old gathered to demonstrate what they can do. A lot of guys were so amazing and talented that they were passed out of turn. Although everyone was assigned a number by which the participants got to the main stage. There were a lot of people, there was a queue even outside the building. The action should be carried out within one day, so the organizers were in a hurry.
In the building itself, people trained their numbers in order to perform well and not screw up. Although many participants failed, this did not upset the other applicants, but on the contrary only encouraged them. Gymnasts were warming up in the hall, talented singers were singing, magicians were unpacking their equipment and devices for tricks. The queue was moving much slower than planned. And the screening began to take place right in the lobby. The organizers checked the talents at their own discretion. A lot of people never got on the stage, but those who did, made a unique sensation or went away under ridicule.
The judges were three world-class stars. Singer Priscilla, who became popular thanks to the hit "I wanna be your honey bunny". She was very beautiful, her hair lay like silk on her shoulders. Steamboats could pass between her long legs. His eyes shone like stars in the night sky. Temperamental and with a very harmful character, the richest men in the country wanted to win her. But only a few could have a dialogue with her.
The second judge was Michael Priniker. His achievements in the domestic cinema were very significant. He made many famous films, which many people still watch in the evening with a cup of coffee. His most famous creation was the thriller "Sanctum". Michael was short, in a smart tuxedo and with a cigar, he looked like an Italian mafia. But he was very kind and sympathetic. Priniker is a synonym for the word charity. A lot of help came from his name. Many orphanages received millions of dollars and thank Michael for that.
The third was Jose Prontos. A famous actor and singer. Starred in many Mexican TV series. I know all the Hollywood stars. He shook hands with such celebrities as Mickey Rourke, Angelina Jolie and many others.
It was thanks to their voice that the most talented people of the country passed on. В отличие от Китая, в Индии сложилась давняя и непрерывная традиция выращивания психоактивного каннабиса, семена марихуаны использовали часто с лечебным и религиозным подтекстом.