As soon as this chapter begins, cut the throat of the Nazis, and then, armed with a gun, go through the only available door. There are several opponents and two officers in the corridor, whom you are best calmly eliminated. Nearby you can find a couple of knives with which you can easily kill a soldier in front.

As soon as you clean the room, you can continue by moving to the left. You will need to squeeze through a fallen bookcase or get around it on the right side. In any case, when you get to the end of the corridor, turn right and go through a room full of boxes on the shelves.

Get down to the first floor and kill opponents in the main room. Then go directly to the control room. There is another German inside. Take care of him, open the door, but be careful because new opponents appear in the main hall. Then go to the yard.

There are more enemies in the courtyard, and after a moment a new combat unit, a drone will appear. They can fly and very agile. Fighting with them, you should return the door and wait until they come very close. However, they are not very tough. After defeating the enemies, run to the exit to go through the level.

New house

At the beginning of the mission, jump into the water and follow the rest. As soon as you get to the hatch, cut the chain with a soldering lamp and float inside. Now you are in the headquarters of resistance. Your first task is to return documents for a girl in a wheelchair.

Climb and ask Claus if he has them. He will tell you that he put them in place a few days ago. However, you do not need to go there.

However, you need a scrap that you can find on the top floor in the Timbo room. This is what is written above the door. After you get scrap, go to Max’s room and break the board on the wall to get a folder. Take it back to the owner who will begin the next mission.


At this moment, Anya will ask you for a specific fragment overgrown with mold, as well as some documents. First of all, go down the open door that will lead you to the hangar. Near Caroline there is a mold that you need, but you need a saw. You can find it to the left of the stone.

If you try to pick up a saw, you will get into the sewer. Continue to go forward and break the tower on the grille. Then go to the wall on the right and squeeze across.

In the next room, collect first -aid kits and armor and continue. Finally, next to the door there is a tower that needs to be destroyed. Having passed through the door, you will encounter combat drones, but you can assemble a double -barreled gun next to the door.

Continue to go forward and you will reach a round hole. Go around it and climb the stairs to join your allies. Then deal with a specific fragment.

You still need documents from archives. First, check the door on the ground floor, where it was kneeling, and it turns out that Fergus took the keys. Visit it on the ground floor. Take the key with you, return to the archive, collect the documents and take them to Anya to fulfill this mission. is a Turkish news site that also has information about casinos and gambling. You can find more relevant information about this article by going to this site.