When you have enough free time and the household chores have already been done; You're at home and you can't get your favorite game out of your head. Of course you're going to run to the computer or look for your mobile to enter a casino! The best thing, as we always suggest, is that it be one of the ones we have on our portal. Because these are licensed brands that have enough values ​​to be considered safe, you'll get the service and gameplay you expect and deserve there.

In your spare time you always pay attention to the payment methods, the RTP, the customer service channels, the bonuses and a series of factors that guarantee you a full recreation; however, daily and far behind, other details remain that are essential for this to happen. And it is that about your good health you do not find notes on the frequently asked questions page, in the help page, or in the Terms and Conditions of the casinos; but, just as these first ones matter to you, so should a matter as vital as the posture you adopt while playing online.

The posture in front of the computer

While you have fun in front of the computer, you don't always feel in the most correct way. If you add to that all the hours you spend inside the casino, it is not surprising that at the end of the day you suffer from pain throughout the spine, muscle tension, headaches and discomfort in other areas of the body.

To help you minimize the conditions associated with poor posture when playing, we have prepared some tips that we hope you take into account:

  • Keep your back straight. The chest should go steeply forward. If you can, lean slightly on the back of the seat and put your elbows on the table.
  • Use a small pillow or cushion in the rounded back. If the seat is not entirely comfortable or prevents you from maintaining an upright posture, one of these elements or some type of lumbar support may be recommended. The important thing is to make you stand as straight as possible.
  • Position the screen 20 to 24 inches from your eyes and centrally so you don't have to keep twisting to one side or the other.
  • Feet on the ground. While you are sitting, try to put both feet on the ground so that your hips remain at a right angle to the spine and it is easier for you to adopt a correct position.

The best mobile posture in hand

As with the computer, with the mobile, you need to adopt the correct positions to avoid pain throughout the body. These recommendations can help you.

Place the mobile in front of your eyes so that you do not need to keep your head up or down while having fun in any game of the latest online casinos or in your favorite bookmaker. Keep in mind that the more you tilt your head, the more stress you add to the cervical vertebrae and the rest of the spine. Over time you can develop chronic conditions in that area.

Use both hands and several of your fingers so you don't overload any of their muscles and ligaments.

If you are going to play sitting down, remember that the ideal posture is with your back straight, your elbows on the table and both feet on the ground.

Other useful tips

Human beings need movement. Stretching, walking, bending over, bending the thorax forward... This practice allows us to keep ourselves in better faculties and avoid pain of various kinds. So, whether you have fun on your mobile or your PC, don't forget to "grease" your body. Your muscles and ligaments will thank you. Above all, if at other times of the day you do not maintain an active lifestyle, it is recommended that, at certain intervals, you pause the game and perform these types of movements.

Relax, we know that real money betting can be stressful, so you need to pay double mind to this tip. Do not contract your shoulders or buttocks. Whether you are lying down, sitting or standing, try to make your body soft, like when you are at rest.

If you play slots consider using auto spin. Playing in this automatic mode will give you freedom, for example, to make those body movements that you need so much.